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Do you have those items in your closet that you always keep all year, no matter the season and always wear them differently to suit the season? Even when decluttering your closet and having a major closet revamp or and a closet sale, you will still make sure these items are in your wardrobe by either purchasing new ones to replace the old ones because you gave them away or simply by keeping them because it is not the time for you to give these items away or have them up on your closet sale items list? Well, I do too. I have got my pieces in the closet that I always have and will always collect more of them whenever I get the opportunity to, because these items are some of the pieces that define my personal style.

You might be wondering what are these pieces and why, So Today I am sharing with you 5 items that I always have in my closet, all year long and I keep collecting more of them.

  1. Pleated skirt. I honestly have quite a collection of pleated skirts and I keep collecting more. This is my weakness in skirts after shoes. I am always drowned to pleated skirts and want to purchase them whenever I see one. At the moment I have more than five pleated skirts in different colors, fabrics and textures, most of which I buy from MMbrands, my number one go to place for whenever I want to purchase one.
  2. Blazer. I think blazers is for all of us, it is that one item that we all always have in our closets for it is a wardrobe staple, at least one blazer. I like to have my blazers in colors Black, nude or camel or beige, white, red and blue (royal blue). If I do not have these colors in my wardrobe then I always feel like my closet is incomplete. what are your must have colors in your closet for blazers?
  3. Wrap Top. This is another item that I always have in my closet. There is just something about a wrap top that I admire, this is one of those tops that always look good on everyone. And it is one item that you can never go wrong with, you can throw it on anytime you are having doubts and don’t know what to actually wear.
  4. Crisp white shirt. This is a wardrobe staple for every girl. It is that one MUST HAVE item in every woman’s closet. And for me to look at my closet and feel it complete, there has to be at least one or two white shirts hanging in there and a few white T-shirts as well.
  5. Denim Jeans. I have jeans in different colors but my favorite is blue. I’ve got a whole collection of blue jeans then black and two in grey, but there is always that one jeans in blue and the other black that are worn them most compared to all others. I often wear jeans on days when I just want to make a simple casual appearance and dont want to look too dressed up, also I wear jeans a lot on Fridays to work because it is the only day that one can actually wear anything that is not formal corporate.

These are my 5 items that always make my closet feel complete and I cannot imagine my full closet without these pieces, I guess that would then be somebody else’s closet, not mine.

What are your favorite items that you always have in your closet, those that define your personal style and cannot have a complete wardrobe without them. Share your responses in the comment section below.

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