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Hello babes, 

Towards the end of last year I was asked to share tips on how to maintain pleats in a pleated clothing and have the pleats last longer if not forever without fading. 

I decided to dedicate this post to answer the question and share with you a few tips that I employ to maintain the pleats during washing and ironing and how I keep my pleated pieces in the closet. 

Washing and Ironing 

  1. When washing, do not machine wash. I have a tendency of reading the laundry or care symbols on the labels of clothes. I learned this from a label in one of my pleated skirts years back and I’ve used the trick ever since with all of my pleated pieces. With all your pleated items in your wardrobe, always hand wash them. 
  2. Do not wring (usikamue). After rinsing with clean water, just hang it to dry. When you wring or fold you expose the item to creases and wrinkles. Which will then give you hard time to iron. 
  3. When ironing, I normally use a steam iron so I don’t have to lay the pleats on the iron board. 

When I’m not using a steam iron I place the pleated piece flat on the iron board or vertically. This way the pleats automatically place themselves in order then arrange and hold them at the end with either paper clips, bobby-pins or clothing pegs so that they remain perfect and iron in the same way (vertically) starting from the top of the pleated item while the iron is set on low temperature. 

For most of my pleated pieces I iron only once, and that’s when they get home for the first time. Because they normally come with creases from being fold during packaging from the stores. There after I barely iron them because of the washing tricks that I shared above and how I keep them in the closet. 

Maintenance in the Closet

Do not fold your pleated items to keep them in the wardrobe or closet. Always hang them using a hanger. Use a skirt /pants hanger, the one with clips, to hang the skirts or pants. It does not matter what pleated item it is, whether it’s a skirt, dress, blouse, pants, abaya (yes we have pleated abayas, how stylish huh!) always put it in it’s specific hanger and hang it in your closet. This way it will never get creased or wrinkled in any way and you will never have to go through the troubles of ironing. 

The pleated palazzos I’m wearing were creased and I was too lazy to iron them. But I surely will do and then hang them for when I will next wear them. 

Should you have any more questions about maintaining any of your other pieces do not hesitate to ask and your questions will all be answered.

Thanks for stopping by,

Azure ❤️. 


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