The accessories I’m shopping when Rona ends


Hello babes,

Amid this COVID-19 crisis, I wanted to let you know that I am holding you in my heart and hope that you are taking precautions and and doing everything to stay safe and positive. Although it is unbearably stressful at times, there is a lot more good that can come from this if we choose to support each other and look for the beauty in humanity.

As we have been instructed to stay away from others and maintain the social isolation in order to support the wellbeing of the larger community, what are you doing to keep yourself and mind sane and positive as we look forward to better days ahead? I have been spending some of my time (honestly I think most of it..) to go through websites and online stores see what is currently in, what I need in my wardrobe and what items I want to add to my cart and purchase them as soon as the situation settles and we are done with the rona. For the most part it is accessories; that is shoes and bags. At the beginning of the year I realized that I need a major upgrade in my shoe rack and bags as most of them were sorta out of style and others simply worn out.

Accessories is the one thing that completes an entire look. Changes a whole outfit and gives it a completely different look. As the year began I had a list of accessories including jewelry that I was going to purchase from my favorite stores; Zara, Missguided, Boohoo, PrettyLittleThing and Ego then Covid-19 came in. 

I’m still going to purchase these pieces as soon as the Roma ends, because these are pieces that every fashion girl will be wearing in the whole of 2020, as we are praying and hoping for better and brighter days ahead. 


The number items I will be purchasing are shoes, yes because first of all shoes are my weakness and second my rack needs a major update. As a result of staying home and quarantine, I have managed to declutter all unwanted shoes in my rack and create spaces for the new shoes I’ll be purchasing. And I’m getting more black shoes, nudes and whites, colored shoes have never really been my kind of shoes and I’m sticking to more neutrals and very minimal colored shoes, maybe a pair or two. The kind of shoes I’ll be getting are pumps (the one shoe that never goes out of style), mules (both flats and heeled), sandals and sneakers. 


I’ve felt the need to add a few bags in my closet to accessorize my outfits well for different occasions and environments. Mini bags as well as big slouchy bags and the never full, will all be making their way into my closet. Colors of the bags that’ll be shopping are black, white, camel or brown or nude, red and maybe one pastel color, I am yet to decide which one. 

These are the most essential items I will be purchasing in the next season, plus many more other accessories including jewelry; statement earrings, head pieces and hair accessories because in this year I plan to wear my hair out more.

Thanks for stopping by,

Xoxo, Azure.


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