The granny heel making a comeback.


Mostly referred to as chunky or granny heel. The chunky shoe might need some time adjusting to but believe me it is yours to slay. This style has only recently started to kick up a storm and its making a major come back. This 1960’s style influence is becoming a hit again today. The heel comes in different styles, can be a mid block heel, kitten heel or a chunky sculptured heel and it may be a pump, mules or even loafers.

These heels offer a stylish and sensible way to step up your style. They may be the last thing you’d imagine to see yourself wearing but designers, models and fashionistas are embracing this retro shoe style. 

For someone who prefers to wear a heel on a daily basis but doesn’t like the discomfort of a pump, this solid and stable retro-style shoe is for you.

The granny heel…. leave it or love it?

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